Jay Thompson's resume

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Knowledge - Skills - Abilities

two way radio paging
IT support
remote TV production
satellite technology networking database programming website design and hosting

2013 RFI investigator - RF Authority - Plano, TX
Located RF interference for Verizon, assisted equipment owners in mitigation efforts, created engineering reports for further investigation by Verizon.
2012 - 2017 Senior field engineer - IWA Technical Services - Dallas, TX
Installed and serviced paging systems at VA hospitals, public safety system evaluation, site surveys, coverage verification, user needs evaluations, upgrade recommendations, radio vendor contract verification, system upgrades. Instructor for TRNI and ETA training courses.
2012 - present Technical editor, Dover Telecommunications Service - Cedar City, UT
Editing training manuals and online content for cell carriers, class instructor.
2001 - present US Dept. of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services
Communications Unit Leader - Disaster Medical Assistance Team CA-4
Deployed for national emergencies including counter terrorism missions, hurricanes Katrina, Gustav, Ike and Sandy. In charge of all IT and communications gear for 50 person team, including satellite phone, electronic medical record system and related networking components
2003 - 2014 Special projects engineer - Bearcom - Garland, TX
Designed and installed temp repeater systems, RoIP / VoIP and video surveillance systems at special events such as ESPN X games, Academy Awards, Rose Bowl and Long Beach Grand Prix. Performed RF site surveys, frequency scans, filed FCC license applications and designed user channel plans.
2004 - 2012 Co-founder of Netsurf USA - Birdseye, IN
Started a WSIP to serve clients at Patoka Lake marina, expanded business to cover multiple counties in southern Indiana.
1997 - present Self employed - IT and technology consulting
Providing IT consulting to businesses including medical offices, legal firms and public safety agencies. Also providing web design and hosting, software and hardware installation and support, wireless LAN technology and PC hardware support.

Freelance RF audio / video tech - ESPN and ABC. RF 1 and 2 on numerous golf shows, X games, Rose and Fiesta Bowls, college football, etc. System setup and maintenance of wireless mics, PL and IFB systems, microwave transmitter / receiver packages for video cameras. Assisted in re-engineering ESPN's wireless mic / RF systems to improve reliability.
1988 - 2004 2004 VP of Technology - Paging USA - Speedway IN
Cofounder of a statewide paging company. Started with one site and built system to 8 site simulcast system in Indiana and adjacent states. First company to sell pagers at truck stops and other retail outlets. Sold to USA Mobile in 2004.
1985 - 1997 IndyCar manager - Racing Radios - Forest Park, GA
Provided sales and tech support for radios systems and related accessories to racing teams. Designed systems and equipment for use in high noise / EMI environment. Designed and installed first fuel telemetry system used in Indy Car racing. Implemented frequency coordination plans for race teams. Established over 300 racing team accounts for Racing Radios and implemented advertising agreement with CART.
1986 - 1990 Field service technician - Motorola - San Diego, CA
Serviced mobile and base station units, conventional and trunked repeater systems, dispatch consoles, DC and tone remotes and other related systems for public safety clients.

Teaching Class instructor at IWCE 2013 - 2018
Writing Co-author of General Communications Technician level 1
General Communications Technician level 2
Mobile Communications Equipment Installer
RFI Hunting and Mitigation

Education Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, Indiana University
Associates Degree in Electronics, Mesa College, San Diego

Training Zetron MAX dispatch console class
Motorola dispatch console and wireless broadband training classes
Unipage paging terminal
San Diego County Sheriff reserve academy
San Diego County EMT-1A class
US DHS Incident Command training - ICS 100 - 400, 700 and 800
DHS COML All hazards communications unit leader class
DHS COMT Communications technician class
FEMA / DHS training
MGT-315 - Homeland Security threat and risk management
IS-836 - Nuclear / Radiological Incident response
IS-546a - Continuity of Operations
IS-704 - NIMS communications and information management

Licenses FCC general radiotelephone operator license
Extra class KC9VTT

Certificates ETA - Wireless Communication MSS, Antenna Line Sweeping, DAS design, GCT 1 and 2.

Awards Emmy - outstanding technical remote video engineering, Summer X games
2016 ETA Technician of the year