Zore’s towing gets hooked on Hytera

Zore’s towing service in Indianapolis recently installed a 2 site ROIP (radio over IP) system to increase their coverage area.
Their original site, about a mile from the Indy 500 track, was  an analog UHF repeater system while their Lebanon location was using a simplex VHF base station.

Just as public safety radio users require the ability to operate across city and county lines, Zore’s provides service to police agencies in multiple counties in central Indiana. Having the ability for tow truck operators from either site to communicate is crucial when working on I-65 to clean up a HAZMAT spill or remove damaged vehicles.

We installed Hytera RD982S repeaters and hooked them up through Zore’s VPN. The RD982’s ROIP interface made the install as simple as plugging in a cat 5 cable and configuring IP addresses. Even though Zore’s has a combination of analog and DMR radios the Hytera multi-site IP system handles both types of modulation schemes effortlessly.

Now Jimmy John Zore can talk to his fleet of trucks over 50 miles from his office on a 4 Watt portable and drivers from either office can call for assistance without having to involve dispatchers and needless phone calls.